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LivePOS harnesses the power of the cloud. Built from the ground up to allow owners to go from a single store to Multi-Lane, Multi-Location, Multi-Store operations.

Our LivePOS payment solutions are suitable for every type of business, no matter the shape or size. We have combined state-of-the-art software with top quality hardware, enabling you to be in command of a POS system that stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of performance, reliability and total functionality.

Because it is cloud-based, you can take advantage of real-time reporting and constant back-up that is safe, secure and accessible only by you.

LivePOS' Free POS Program

The free POS hardware gives our sales partners an edge to success. A full POS system sells for thousands of dollars, but you can offer this valuable product absolutely free of charge.

Free POS Hardware

Get the latest cutting edge POS hardware absolutely FREE.


Free EMV Terminal

Free VeriFone VX805 with BinglePay.


Key Features

Secure Online Dashboard to manage your business

Web-based back-end management system with real-time sales and inventory reports, text messages for instant alerts and many other features.

Offline Capabilities

Continue operations even without an internet connection.

Mobile Dashboard iOS native app (iPhone) is available

This native app allows you to access your sales and inventory faster and with ease. The app is designed for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and is free to download.

EMV Compatibility

LivePOS is integrated with VeriFone VX805. It can do Credit, Debit, Pin-Debit, EMV and even Apple Pay.

View Sales & Inventory numbers in Real-Time

View the entire organization from a central, web-based dashboard, allowing you to run your entire business anywhere using any internet enabled device.


Apps such as Perkville (Loyalty Program), Shopify (Online Store), MailChimp (Email Marketing) and many others can be installed with little to no effort from the LivePOS Dashboard and be ready to use instantly.

Other Services

LivePOS Customized Gift Cards

Authorize.Net e-Commerce

Work Order Module

Sales and Marketing Tools

LivePOS has created numerous sales and marketing tools to help you succeed. Click on any of the links to see what is available.

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